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These tablets contain chemical. These are not magic. Not only do you fail to treat the symptômes, it causes other uncured. A lot of chronic deseases can be treated naturally without any side effects. However, the general public fails to be informed.


MENDY-ZEN. Did you know: You have 95% chance of suffering from a disease, back pain or acute arthritis for which there is already a solution. Antibiotic-resistant diseases are increasingly victims as they can often be cured by alternative treatments, natural as water bottles mendy-zen.
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Therapeutic Use: Health care:   Sports injuries:   Other great uses:
·   Arthritis     ·   Cramps     ·   Hamstrings     ·   Instant Heat Supply
·   Neuralgia     ·   Muscular aches & pains ·   Torn ligaments   ·   Emergency Use  
·   Rheumatism     ·   Sore back and necks ·   Strained muscles ·   Hand warmer  
·   Lumbago     ·   Menstrual pain   ·   Wrists and ankles ·   Bed warmer    
·   Migraine     ·   Stress relief             ·   Camping    
          ·   Tennis elbow                      


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